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Thank you for visiting Bellefontaine Family Dental online! We invite you to read our reviews and see just how our dentists in St. Louis, Missouri, can help you get that smile you have always wanted. If you would like to leave your own review, or if you are ready to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Ahmad, please contact our office at 314-741-5133. We love hearing from our patients!

“Great love every thing about his services. Thanks Dr.for a great job“

Bobby J.

“This is the best dental office in the city! Staff is very friendly and helpful with all my needs. It felt like home when I was there.“

Catawba F.

“The staff goes above and beyond to make visits comfortable. They treat you like family.“

Lisa J.

“Cigno dental is full of miracle workers!
The first time I walked in I was a nervous wreck. I had only been to the dentist twice in my life and had terrible experiences both times. Over time I had extreme work that needed to be done but I was so overwhelmed by the amount of work, the money needed and fear of the pain that I put it off until I couldn’t chew without terrible pain, let alone would never smile. I would cover my mouth when I laughed because I was so embarrassed of what I looked like.

Dr Cigno asked me to come in just for an exam to see what all was going on. I was shaking just filling out my paperwork. Chris took my Xrays and Lisa sat next to me and held my hand while I cried from anxiety.

Dr Cigno took everything very slow with me to make sure I wasn’t overwhelmed. He spoke to me so caring and with patience and made sure I understood his plan. Holly and Crystal put a careplan together for me and helped me get financing through care credit, explaining that we would take things just one step at a time.

I have been working with Dr Cigno and the amazing ladies at Cigno Dental for two years now, and little by little, one step at a time, I am happy to announce that I can eat without pain and beyond that I feel so incredible and confident about my smile that I can’t stop. Chris, Stacy and Tiffany took me outside on my last visit to see my new front teeth for the first time and Chris hugged me, as again, I cried. But this time the happiest tears.

I am so grateful for finding such an amazing doctor and team who not only gave me life changing care, but who know me, stop by my room to say hi every time I come in and who treat you like you matter.

Thank you for everything, see you all at my next checkup!“

Emily F.

”I had my teeth cleaned yesterday by Cindy the hygienist. It was absolutely wonderful. My teeth look and feel pretty and smooth. It was so relaxing I asked Cindy if I could get a pedicure at the next cleaning. Her response was, I work on the top end not the bottom end. LOL….;-) Thanks Cindy… you’re awesome. “

Donna J.

”I have been going to Dr. Cigno for several years now. This is the only dentist that I have gone to on a regular basis my whole life. I was one of those people who had a really bad experience as a child and never trusted a dentist again. That is until I came to Cigno. Every single visit to their office is a fantastic experience. The staff is some of the nicest people you want to meet and on top of that they are super high tech and always improving! I would highly recommend them!!”

Drummond B.

“My experience at Cigno Dental Care recently was a pleasant one from start to finish. I found the staff to be professional but personable. Dr. Cigno and his staff is very knowledgeable and is able to keep patients up to date on the newest dental technology. I left feeling confident and happy with the care I received.”

Tiffany S.

”I was referred to this dental office by my boyfriend and his family who have all been going there for years. They were right, my first impression as I entered the facility was a smile and feeling of amazement. The establishment was stunning, professional and very friendly. My experience was just as incredible. The doctor was patient, kind, gentle and very helpful in explanations with detail to my issues and concerns. I feel that after this one experience I have found my permanent dentist and I recommend this office and its DDS to all.”

Beth S.

”Best denist/fast braces office ever! Love the staff & Dr. Cigno is so old sch I love them thr”

Cassandra N.

”Friendly, genuinely concerned, professional, knowledgeable, considerate of your time. The process of getting my wisdom tooth pulled was so fast and painless I didn’t even realize the dentist had pulled it out. I had been going to the same dentist office for the past 15 years. I have a new one now…Cigno Dental Care.”

Ruby D.

“very good experience. loved the service. staff was very helpful.satisfied with my new dental work. dr. cigno is great.”

Raymond C.
Bobie C.

”Professional, respectful and considerate; in other words great service!! :)”

Joyce B.

”I was treated very professionally.”

Michael H.

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