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Do you want your teeth to last as long as you do? Did you know that although teeth will weaken over time, there are still many habits you can do to keep them healthy and strong for a lifetime’s worth of happiness? Even if your teeth have been lost to decay or an oral accident, caring for your tooth replacement service such as dentures is still vital for your oral health. Listed below are some of our top tips for oral health as you get older:

What are some of the habits that can keep your teeth fit as you age?

To increase the longevity of your smile, always brush twice daily using soft bristles, and floss at least once per day. Maintain a healthy and safe diet to ensure various foods don’t ruin your mouth.

What methods should always be used when caring for dentures?

Always remove your dentures before going to bed, and after every meal for cleaning. Before putting a pair of dentures back in your mouth, ensure that your mouth is clean and that your dentures are washed with water if they have been soaked in a denture cleanser.

Which bad habits should you stop doing?

If you can, you should stop all bad habits, hence the word bad. However, some are worse than others. If you smoke or chew tobacco, or excessively drink alcohol, no matter what age you are, you should walk away from them immediately as they increase your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, cancer, and even death.

TRUE or FALSE: Medications can cause cavities.

This is true. Medications can often lead to dry mouth symptoms, which are common sources of cavities as we age.

If you think your teeth could use a little extra work and would like to have a professional exam from our team at Bellefontaine Family Dental, simply book an appointment at our dentist office in St. Louis, Missouri, by calling us at 314-741-5133. Dr. Sam Cigno and the rest of our team would be glad to take care of any oral health care needs you may have. The future of your oral health is yours to control, let us help make it great!

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