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Although cosmetic dentistry treatments cover a wide array of dental treatment options, they typically refer to those services and treatments designed to enhance your smile. In most cases, they drastically improve its looks, but they are also capable of improving your mouth’s function and performance too.

Some of the most amazing forms of cosmetic dentistry for fixing tooth abnormalities include teeth whiteners, dental crowns, dental veneers, and dental bonding treatments. Dental crowns are small shells placed completely over teeth for added protection and increased functionality for damaged teeth, whereas dental veneers are small shells placed on the fronts of teeth only for a small amount of protection and a customizable look that can drastically improve your smile’s aesthetics. Dental bonding is used to fuse material directly to a tooth for protection and increased functionality without covering the entire tooth.

Some of the most amazing forms of cosmetic dentistry for replacing missing teeth include dental implants, and dentures. Dental implants are attached and installed in the jawbone. Dentures are attached using a type of bonding material to hold the dentures to the gums for a removable hold so that they can be cleaned and removed on a nightly basis.

No matter the needs you require from your cosmetic dentistry treatments, our team at Bellefontaine Family Dental can help. Dr. Sam Cigno and our team can give you a comprehensive oral examination to determine which restoration procedure is best for you and your oral health care needs. To schedule a visit to our dentist office in St. Louis, Missouri, call us at 314-741-5133. Come see us, and let us show you the benefits of a better smile today!

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