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Many people delay visiting the dentist until they experience a toothache, cavity, loose tooth, or an oral injury. However, the best time to visit the dentist is before any of these situations can occur. Dr. Sam Cigno and Dr. Al-Kassab recommends that you visit the dental office every six months to receive a dental cleaning and exam. Even if you don’t seem to have a dental issue, dental visits help us detect potential risks before they become problems, and even prevent them from occurring.

During your checkup, we will ask questions to learn more about your medical history, and may take some dental X-rays to evaluate your teeth and jaws. Our hygienist will also perform a cleaning of your smile, and Dr. Sam Cigno will visit with you to examine your smile for signs of cavities, disease, or oral cancer.

If you have received a dental restoration such as dentures, he can examine it to ensure that it still fits properly. If needed, he may speak with you about factors of life that affect your oral health, such as your diet and oral care habits. We would be happy to provide you with tips on how brush and floss more effectively.

If you have not been to see a dentist in a while, we invite you to give Bellefontaine Family Dental a call at 314-741-5133 today and schedule your next dental visit in St. Louis, Missouri.

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