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Our dentists, Dr. Sam Cigno and Dr. Al-Kassab, use a dental crown made from porcelain to treat a significantly damaged tooth. This might be used to address a cosmetic imperfection, a large area of tooth decay, or a significant dental fracture. Some dental crown restorations are also a part of an endodontic therapy treatment plan. The crown is cemented over the dentin of the tooth, using a strong dental-grade adhesive. Once the restoration is done, the restored tooth will provide you with the same basic oral function you enjoyed from your natural tooth.

Unfortunately, there are times when poor oral hygiene or a blow to the mouth can compromise the dental adhesive. This might cause a dental crown to fall out and expose the sensitive dentin underneath. In a situation like this, you should contact Bellefontaine Family Dental for an appointment as soon as possible.

If you procrastinate, exposed part of your tooth could be at risk of other complications. While you are waiting for your appointment, you shouldn’t attempt to clean or manipulate the dental crown or the exposed dentin. Our dentist will take care of any necessary cleaning during the treatment process.

If you are in the St. Louis, Missouri, area and you have a problem with a dental crown, please call 314-741-5133 to schedule an appointment at our office today!

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